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What is 4th Grade Football?
4th Grade Football is a two-hand touch football league that I (Ryan Horne) created at Hutchings Elementary. Since 2003, 4th grade students create their own teams of students (boys and/or girls), and then I schedule several games during the fall for each team. We have a regular season, then the top four teams in the standings move onto the playoffs. I play quarterback for the teams and we play all of our games at recess on the playground.

What is the 4th Grade Super Bowl?
The top two teams that advance through the regular season and the playoffs meet in the annual Hutchings 4th Grade Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is held in the Hutchings Gymnasium in February each year. Families & friends of the players, 4th grade students, and others are invited to watch the Super Bowl. I have fellow staff members & students help record the game, take pictures, and announce the game. There will be a DVD of the Super Bowl available for purchase for $3.00.

What is the 4th Grade vs 5th Grade All Star Game?
Each summer, the top 4th grade and 5th grade two-hand touch football players are voted in by the student body, to take part in the annual 4th Grade vs 5th Grade All Star Football Game.