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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wolverines Super Bowl Champs

Howell, MI -  Carter's late touchdown reception with one-minute remaining in the game ended the Highlanders comeback hopes and sealed the Super Bowl victory for the Wolverines. The final score read Wolverines 77, Highlanders 63.

The Wolverines celebrate with the Super Bowl trophy

Leading 70-63, the Wolverines faced a 2nd-and-10 from their own 20-yard line, knowing that they had to put together a scoring drive, or give the Highlanders one last chance to score and send the game into sudden death overtime.

Former Hutchings principal Mr. Clay launched a pass into double coverage as Carter streaked downfield. Clay's pass eluded two Highlander defenders (Dillon & Niklas), and ended up in the hands of #27 Carter S, who secured the ball in the endzone for the for his third touchdown of the game.

"Carter's third, and last touchdown proved to be the biggest," said Hutchings Sports announcer Mr. Blair.

Clay completed a 26-yard pass to the Billy H on the Highlanders ensuing possession, but the Wolverines celebrated as time ran out. 

"An amazing display of talent, sportsmanship, and respect for their fellow student athletes," said quarterback and league president Mr. Horne. "I thought every player played great today, and more importantly, treated the other players with respect."

The win caps an undefeated season for the champion Wolverines (3-0-2), while the Highlanders end their season with an impressive 4-2-1 record.
Logan was a unanimous MVP selection

The Wolverines Logan M set a 4th Grade Super Bowl record with 8 receptions, to go along with his 4 touchdowns. Logan was a unanimous pick as the game's MVP. Logan M scored early and often, and no catch was more impressive than his last touchdown reception, a 40-yard strike from Mr. Clay. 

On the previous play, Logan had injured his right shoulder while diving for the ball. Clay conferenced with Logan for a couple minutes until it was determined that Logan was healthy enough to stay in the game. 

When play resumed, Logan beat his defender down the field, favoring his sore right shoulder, and grimicing in pain. Clay's pass was on the money, and Logan hauled in his eighth reception, and fourth touchdown of the day.

"I asked him if he (Logan) was ok, and he said he was, so I decided to go right back to him," said Clay.

"Just one example of the toughness and heart that these players showed out there today," said Horne. "I know Niklas and Kaden from the Highlanders got dinged up a little out there too. All the kids played tough and played with great passion."

Early in the 1st half, trailing 14-7, the Highlanders had the ball and were looking to tie the game up when the Wolverines Marcus C made one of the most exciting plays in 4th Grade Super Bowl history.
The Highlanders: Kaden, Niklas, Dillon, & Billy

Clay threw a pass intended for the Highlanders Niklas M, but the Wolverines' Carter S made a late break on the ball, and tipped the pass up into the air. Marcus reacted quickly, grabbing the tipped pass at mid-field, and then used his speed to somehow elude a Highalnder player and slide into the endonze. Marcus's pick-6 gave the Wolverines a 21-7 lead, a lead that they would hold onto the entire game.

"Marcus made an incredible interception, and that pick-6 might have been the difference in the game," said Blair. "The Highlanders were able to close the gap to one score several times, but they could never get over the hump to tie the game."

The Wolverines led 35-28 at halftime, and the Highlanders had a chance to tie the game on their first possesion of the second half, but Horne's 4th down pass intended for a wide open Niklas M hit the basketball backboard, and fell to the ground, incomplete.

Niklas M came into the Super Bowl as the legaue leader in receptions with 18, and second in the league in touchdowns with 11. The Wolverines used a variety of defenders and coverages to deny Niklas the ball, and it worked. Niklas was held to two receptions and two touchdowns on the day. However, Niklas did have a very timely interception in the first half to help keep his Highlanders in the game.

"Coming into the game, we knew that the Wolverines were going to use their number one rated defense to try and slow down Nik," remarked Blair. "Niklas is a great player, but it's tough when an opponent double teams you and tries to deny you the ball."
Billy H led the Highlanders with 4 touchdowns

Billy H and Dillon F were up to the task of providing some firepower on offense for the Highlanders. Billy led his team with 5 receptions and 4 touchdowns, while Dillon added 4 receptions and 3 touchdowns.

Kaden C also had a huge catch for the Highlanders. Kaden used some fancy footwork, making sure that he tapped both feet in bounds, on a sideline catch that gave the Highlanders an all important first down in the 2nd half.

Marcus C and Reed G added some big plays in helping the Wolverines to their championship title. Marcus had 3 catches, 3 touchdowns, and that amazining pick-6 in the first half. Reed added 2 receptions and one very timely touchdown late in the game, as the Highlanders were making a push to tie up the score.

News and Notes:
Mr. Clay's #4 was retired during halftime
The Hutchings gym hosted a record, standing room only crowd ..... Mr. Clay's #4 jersey was retired during halftime in a surprise ceremony. Clay was honored for his 38 years of service to Howell Public Schools, 8 of those years with Hutchings Elementary (2003-2011) ..... Three combined interceptions was the lowest amount of interecptions in the 4th Grade Super Bowl since 2006 ..... Every player on the Wolverines roster recorded at least two receptions and at least 1 touchdown .....  The 10th annual 4th Grade vs 5th Grade All Star Game is scheduled for Friday, May 10th, on the Hutchings outdoor football field.


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