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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wolverines Advance, 28-21

Howell, MI - The Wolverines have punched their ticket to the 4th Grade Super Bowl thanks to their 28-21 playoff win over the Patriots.

 Wolverines: Marcus, Carter, Reed, Logan (left to right)
Carter S scored an 80-yard touchdown to put the Wolverines up 28-14 with less than two minutes remaining in the game.  

Cole P responded with a late touchdown for the Patriots that cut the score to 28-21, but the Wolverines ran out the clock on their ensuing possession.

It was a balanced attack on offense that powered the Wolverines to victory. Each Wolverine player scored one touchdown and recorded one reception. "So many weapons for the Wolverines," said all-time quarterback Mr. Horne. "I was just trying to spread the football around and get everyone involved in the game."

Marcus C opened the game with a 60-yard touchdown for the Wolverines. Logan added a score after the Wolverines stopped the Patriots on downs, putting the score at 14-0. 

The Patriots fell behind early, but stood tall and fought back to make it a one-score game. Trailing 14-0, Cam W found himself open while crossing through the back of the endzone. Mr. Horne's pass found its way to Cam, who hauled in the touchdown, making the score 14-7.

Reed G scored another long touchdown for the Wolverines to put the score at 21-7. Reed got behind the Patriot defense and went 75 yards for the score.

Trailing by two scores, the Patriots looked to their leader, Colin B. Colin caught a 22-yard pass over the middle, and then 15-yards were added on to the end of the play due to a "unnecessary roughness" personal foul on the Patriots after the catch.

Colin brushed himself off after the penalty committed against him, and then made one of the top plays of the season. Colin ran a fade route to the corner of the endzone and then leaped up, full-extension, to grab Mr. Horne's pass at it's highest point. Colin reached over Logan, who was defending on the play, to come down with an incredible catch in traffic.

"The play Colin made on the jump ball has to be right up there with the great plays of the season," remarked Horne. "What really impressed me was that Colin was hurting a little from the hit he took on the previous play, but he stayed focused, stayed tough, and made an amazing play to keep his team in the game."

The Wolverines now await the winner of the Giants vs Highlanders playoff game on February 6th.


i caught that pass in the coner

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