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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Highlanders Make Playoffs

Howell, MI - The Highlanders qualified for the 4th Grade Football playoffs with their 28-14 victory over the Packers.

Dillon and Kaden celebrate a Highlander touchdown
Dillon put the Highlanders ahead early when he hauled in a 44 yard pass from Mr. Horne on the game's opening possession, making the score 7-0.

The Packers had a difficult time getting their offense in gear. They turned the ball over on downs on each of their first two possessions.

"Maybe the bright sun was a factor today, or, maybe it was the pesky Highlander defense," said all-time quarterback Mr. Horne. "Any way you look at it, the slow start from the Packers offense was tough to overcome."

Dillion and the Highlanders were happy to take advantage of great field position, as they started their second and third drives at the Packer 20-yard line, due to the Packer's failed 4th down conversions. Dillion added two more scores, putting the Highlanders comfortably ahead, 21-0.

Drew O was not about to let the Packers go down without a fight. Drew caught a 2-yard touchdown pass to close the gap to 21-7. Penalties aided the Packers' scoring drive. The Highlanders were called for three consecutive defensive penalties (offsides, holding, & illegal contact to the head) leading up to the Packer touchdown.

Kaden extended the Highlander's lead to 28-7 when he caught a 30-yard touchdown from Horne.

Perhaps the day's most impressive score was Drew's 77-yard catch and run to end the game. Drew found a small opening in the Highlander secondary, Horne fit the pass in through a tight window, and Drew weaved his way to the endzone, making the score 28-14 on the game's last play.

Players met and mid-field to shake hands after the game
Dillon agreed that Drew's touchdown was a great play, saying,"The one touchdown that was a highlight for me was actually from the other team. Drew caught a really nice ball and he got around Niklas, and Nik was like this close, like an inch, and he got right past him for the score."

Dillon F led the Highlanders (3-1-1) with 3 receptions and 3 touchdowns. 

"Impressed by the maturity of Dillon F today," said Horne. "He was more concerned with his team's performance than his individual stats."

Talking to reporters after the game, Dillon stated, "I was happy because I got a decent amount of catches, but I thought our whole team did good ... I'd rather win than get a bunch of receptions."

Drew O paced the Packers (0-4-1) with 2 receptions and 2 touchdowns.


go mr touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome job boys keep up the great work

Well good job Highlanders! I wish you the best of luck! Though I can't wait until halftime!

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