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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wolverines Survive Upset Scare, 35-35

December 12, 2012
Wolverines 35, Highlanders 35
So Close

Story By: Mr. Horne - Hutchings Sports

Photos by: Zach F - Hutchings Sports

Horne discusses strategy with Dillon F
Howell, MI - Fans rushed the field after the Wolverines' Logan M caught the game tying touchdown as time expired, preserving the Wolverines undefeated record and stopping the Highlanders from pulling off an upset win.

Dillon had given his Highlanders a 35-28 lead when he caught a 40-yard touchdown from all-time quarterback Mr. Horne with only 13 seconds remaining on the clock.

The Wolverines took over on their own 20-yard line, knowing that they had only one or two chances to score before time ran out. The Wolverines first play of the series ate up 7 seconds, as Mr. Horne's long pass attempt intended for Carter was batted down on an incredible leaping play by the Highlanders Niklas M.

That incompletion left the Wolverines with one last chance to tie the game, with only 6 seconds to work with. Mr. Horne heaved the ball down-field to a streaking Logan, who had raced past his defender. Logan was forced to make an adjustment on the ball. He had started his break to the outside, while Mr. Horne's pass was headed to the inside of the field.

"I expected Logan to run a post and cut back toward the center of the field," said Horne. "But he started to run a corner route. As soon as he (Logan) looked backed, he saw the pass headed over his inside shoulder and he made one heck of an adjustment to cut back inside and somehow came up with the ball."

Logan M reacts to a pass thrown out of his reach
It was a back-and-forth game from the beginning, as both teams traded touchdowns and turnovers. Neither team led by more than 7 points at any time during the game.

"It was one momentum shift after another," remarked Horne. "As soon as one team took the lead, the other team made an amazing play to tie it back up."

The Highlanders (2-1-1) were forced to play the entire game with only 3 players. Kaden was absent, causing the Wolverines to play with a 3-man lineup as well. The difference was that the Wolverines were able to rotate their fourth player into their lineup every few plays, keeping their players fresher than the short-handed Highlanders.

"Can't say enough about the effort the Highlanders gave today," said Horne. "They were all exhausted, having to play each and every play. But, they kept fighting, they kept battling. Billy caught a touchdown. Dillon caught two TDs, and Niklas played like a man among boys."

Niklas led the Highlanders with 3 receptions, 2 touchdowns, and two acrobatic interceptions. He used a deadly combination of size and speed to wreck havoc on the Wolverines' game plan.

The Wolverines (2-0-2) used a balanced attacked on offense, with Carter catching two touchdowns, while Reed, Logan, and Marcus each added one score. 

Horne points out boundaries on the new field
Many experts around the league agree that the Wolverines have one of the most talented rosters in 4th Grade Football. Some Wolverines supporters pointed out that their team would have emerged victorious today if it wasn't for some dropped passes. Even with the mistakes, the Wolverines find themselves with a virtual lock for the upcoming playoffs.

News and Notes:
For the first time all season, play was moved to the far west field at Hutchings Elementary. Safety precautions were listed as a reason why the blacktop field and the field on the east of the complex were not used today. Many players did complain about the slippery conditions of the new location ..... Today's match-up was the first time that the league's top rated offense (Highlanders) faced off against the league's top rated defense (Wolverines).


Probably THE most exciting game of the season so far!

that was a sportscenter catch


GO HIGHLANDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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