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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coolers 28, Lions 28

December 19, 2012
Coolers 28, Lions 28
Lions Tie Coolers

Story By: Mr. Horne - Hutchings Sports

Photos by: Carter S - Hutchings Sports


Howell, MI - Chad K reeled in an 80-yard touchdown reception as time expired Wednesday, ending the game between the Coolers and the Lions in a 28-28 tie.

Chad calls for the ball on the last play
The Lions trailed 28-21 late in the game after Kamdyn scored for the Coolers. The recess aides blew the whistle for the kids to line up, and that meant the Lions had one last chance to tie the game.

All-time quarterback Mr. Horne heaved the ball the length of the football field and Chad K somehow caught the pass to tie the game. It was Chad's second touchdown of the day.

"It was a frantic end to the game," said Horne. "I did see Chad put his hand up as he was running downfield on the last play. He was signaling that he was open. I lost track of the ball with all the traffic in the endzone, but I figured Chad made the catch when I heard the roar from the crowd."

The Coolers finish their season at 1-2-1, while the Lions set a 4th Grade Football record with 3 ties, finishing their season at 0-1-3.

"The Lions could have easily won all three games that they tied this season," remarked Horne. "They played tough again today, and showed great team spirit."

Nathan and Lorenzo led the way for the Lions. Both players recorded 4 receptions. Each play on the Lions caught one touchdown pass.

Gavin celebrates a Lion Touchdown
Chad led the Coolers with 3 receptions and two touchdowns. Alex added 2 receptions and one touchdown to the Lions totals.

"If I had to vote today, the most improved player of the year would go to Alex," said Horne. Alex had a tremendous game. He caught a touchdown, broke up several passes on defense, and made a couple great catches."

For now, both the Lions and the Coolers must wait for the regular season to play out, to see if either team will make the playoffs.


Hi just so you know I am nathan, nice game coolers you guys were awesome if we don't make it to the playoffs I hope you guys do.go Jordan Matthew alex and chad go cooler I wish we would won

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