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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wolverines Roll, 21-7

November 7, 2012
Wolverines 21, Packers 7

Wolverines Roll 
Story By: Mr. Horne - Hutchings Sports
Photos by: Ryan O - Hutchings Sports

Howell, MI - The Wolverines moved into first place with help from an excellent defensive performance, as they defeated the Packers 21-7 Wednesday.

Reed hauls in a pass while Carter looks on
The Wolverines intercepted two passes and broke up several more pass attempts, frustrating the Packer receivers in a low scoring game.

"Several times I thought I had Packer players open, but the Wolverines closed quickly and made plays on the football," remarked all-time quarterback Mr. Horne. "I think every Wolverine defender either picked off a pass or batted down a pass today."

Horne was correct. All four members of the Wolverines had at least two pass break-ups on the day. Carter and Logan added one interception each to their season totals.

It was not all negative news for the Packers (0-2-1), as Drew recorded 3 receptions and one touchdown against one of the league's stingiest defenses. Drew was the only Packer to catch a pass in today's game.

Logan, Marcus, and Reed scored one touchdown a piece for the Wolverines, while Carter lead the Wolverines with three receptions.

"Just a lot of talent on that side (Wolverines) of the ball," said Horne. "They use their speed and quickness to create mismatches all over the football field."

Caleb and the Packers host the Coolers on November 28
The Packers will have to quickly recover from their loss, as they host the 0-2 Coolers on Wednesday, November 28.

The Wolverines (2-0-1) will have some time to rest before their next contest. Their next game is not until they face the undefeated Highlanders on December 12.


Great job boys! You all played so well and I'm glad I got a chance to catch the game:)

awesome job and keep up the great work

I think the wolverines will win the SUPERBOWL

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