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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lions and Packers Battle to 21-21 Tie

October 3, 2012
Lions 21, Packers 21

Lions and Packers Fight to 21-21 Tie
Story By: Mr. Horne - Hutchings Sports
Photos by: Cole P - Hutchings Sports

Howell, MI -  Two evenly matched teams, the Lions and the Packers, ended their first contest of the 2012 season in a hard fought tie, 21-21. The Packers attempted to win the game as time ran out on a "Hail Mary" attempt, but the pass fell incomplete. The outcome is the second time in the league's first three games where the final score ended in a tie (Giants 28, Wolverines 28).
Drew scored 2 TDs for the Lions
Drew's second touchdown of the day put the Packers ahead 21-14 midway  through the fourth quarter, but Lions struck back with a score of their own when Cody hauled in a 18 yard touchdown pass from all-time quarterback Mr. Horne. Cody's touchdown pulled the Lions even with the Packers at 21-21 with only 30 seconds left on the clock.
The Packers tried some trickery on their next possession when Mr. Horne lateraled to Drew, who lateraled back to Mr. Horne. Horne then heaved a pass down-field to an open Packer receiver, but the pass was not completed.
"It's all about execution," stated Horne. "We executed half of the play correctly, we had a receiver open down the field, but the bottom line is, we didn't make the play. I'm the quarterback, so I'll take the blame for that."
The Packers Hail Mary attempt came up short
The Lions (0-0-1) played well as a team, with each player catching at least one pass on the day. Lorenzo led the Lions with four receptions and one touchdown. 
Drew paced the Packers (0-0-1) with four receptions and two touchdown grabs. Landon added three catches and one touchdown for the Packers.
"Each team had a chance to win today," said Horne. "I thought both teams played well, however, I think that both teams now understand what it takes to win in this league. You have to make the most of your opportunities. I know they will keep getting better."

News and Notes:
For the first time this season, Mr. Horne played an entire game without throwing an interception. Horne completed 16 of 24 pass attempts for 233 yards, and 6 touchdowns ..... Once again, today's 4th Grade Football game was sold out, with both students and parents in attendance.


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