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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Giants Get Past Packers, 35-21

October 17, 2012
Giants 35, Packers 21

Giants Get Past Packers, 35-21
Story By: Mr. Horne - Hutchings Sports
Photos by: Dillon F - Hutchings Sports

Howell, MIThe Giants moved into a first place tie in the standings with their 35-21 win over the Packers Wednesday. 

Ryan O reaches for the goal line
The tag team duo of Ryan O and John R accounted for all five Giant touchdowns on the day. Ryan recorded four receptions and two touchdowns while John made a big play every time he touched the ball. John hauled in three receptions, and all three receptions went for touchdowns.

The weather played a factor in the game, as the wind not only gusted, but swirled as well. All-time quarterback Mr. Horne threw two interceptions on the day (both passes were picked off by the Giants' Ryan O), and Horne attributed those turnovers to the high winds.

"I thought we had big plays for the Packers on both of my interceptions," stated Horne. "I must have not thrown the ball hard enough because the wind knocked the ball down and Ryan was able to step in front and pick off my passes."

The Packers (0-1-1) would not go down without a fight, however. Landon C lead the Packers with four receptions and two touchdowns. Landon's teammates, Caleb, Drew, and Travis all caught at least one pass one the day. 

The Packers' Drew hauls in a pass in traffic
Travis recorded his longest reception of the season when he tracked down a 66 yard bomb from Mr. Horne.

"The Packers showed a lot of grit today," said Horne. "If they (Packers) keep playing that hard, then their first win is coming soon."
The Giants' Zach reaches up to deflect a pass

The Giants (1-0-1) took the lead and never looked back on Ryan O's incredible 80 yard touchdown in the second half. 

Ryan caught a short pass over the middle, changed directions several times, and then used his speed and elusiveness to make all four Packer defenders grasping for air as they tried to touch him down.

"That was an awesome play," said Horne, referring to Ryan's TD. "I though the Packers had him stopped several times, but Ryan somehow managed to break free. Great athleticism."

News and Notes:
Mr. Horne played the entire game despite a wrist injury on his throwing hand. "No excuses," said Horne. "Every player has to fight threw injuries. Horne was listed as 'Questionable' before kickoff ..... The Packers' Caleb D scored his first touchdown of the year in the first half of today's game ..... Jace H recorded a season high three resceptions for the Giants today ..... The game-time temperature of 72 degrees was the warmest it's been for a 4th Grade Football game this season.



I saw you guys playng that game yesterday. you played an awesome game. nice job!

Nice job Giants!! But the Packers put up a fight!!!!!!!!

Good job Giants!!!! I wish the packers good luck on their next game!!! :]

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