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Friday, December 16, 2011

Bullboxers 21, Steelers 28

December 16, 2011

Bullboxers 21, Steelers 28
Bullboxers Fall, 21-28
Story By: Mr. Horne - Hutchings Sports
Photos by: Joey B - Hutchings Sports
Howell, MI - The Bullboxers nearly recorded a big upset Friday, as they narrowly lost to the league leading Steelers, 28-21. The Bullboxers were forced to play the entire game without three of their best players, Josh C, Brendan D, and Kelln R, who were all absent. Still, the Bullboxers battled until the game's last play, when Mr. Horne's Hail Mary attempt to tie the game was batted down in the endzone by a host of Steeler defenders.

With the win, the Steelers (4-0) have clinched a one seed or a two seed in the playoffs. The loss means that the Bullboxers (1-2-1) now will need help to advance to the postseason.

Mason did all he could to keep the Bullboxers in the game. Mason hauled in four receptions and two touchdowns. Rocco scored a huge touchdown for the Bullboxers, tying the score at 21-21 late in the fourth quarter.

The Steelers used a balanced attack on offense, and that made it difficult for the Bullboxers to key on any one receiver. "I think the Steelers kept the Bullboxers from being able to look to shut down a specific receiver today," said all-time quarterback Mr. Horne. 

The game's big momentum shift occurred in the 2nd half, and it didn't even take place on the field of play. Early in the second quarter, the Steelers' Carter C went down with a knee injury. Carter was having an excellent game when an aggressive two-hand touch put him to the ground and out of the game.

The Steelers received a jolt of energy when Carter C returned to the sidelines after getting treatment on his knee in the office. Although Carter did not have the green light to return to the game, his presence alone was enough to revive the Steelers effort and give his teammates the adrenaline they needed to keep their perfect season alive.

"It kind of felt like Willis Reed was walking back out onto the floor at Madison Square Garden when Carter limped back out the the sideline," remarked Horne. "You could feel the energy really pick up in the Steelers huddle when they knew that Carter was going to be ok and he was there to cheer them on."

Bryson S picked up the slack in Carter's absence, scoring two touchdowns on two receptions. Hunter G also recorded two touchdowns on the day for the Steelers. Hunter's 4th quarter interception return for a touchdown proved to be the game winner, putting the Steelers up 28-21.


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