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Friday, October 14, 2011

Steelers 28, Cowboys 21

October 14, 2011
Steelers 28, Cowboys 21
What A Close One!
Story By: Reegan C./Hutchings Sports
Photos by: AJ & Joe E./ Hutchings Sports

Howell, MI
It was such a close game, but the Steelers came out the champions in this one.  It was a tough loss for the Cowboys but they sure had a fun season.  Carter B. had 5 receptions and 2 touchdowns, way to go Carter, can you say AWESOME?  Preston T, Connor M.  and Thomas P. all had 1 reception—way to go guys!  That wrapped it up for the Cowboys team.

Calvin C. had a great start for his team—he had 2 receptions and one touch down—way to go CC!!  Cooper B. had 1 reception.  Bryson had some fancy moves out there and came away with 3 receptions and 2 touchdowns—can you say SUPERSTAR?    Colin had 1 reception and 1 touchdown, way to go quick feet!

The 4th graders had a fun time cheering for their teams!  But now the Cowboys are ready for revenge and a re-match!  Good luck Steelers in your next game!!


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