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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cowboys Tie Packers

September 23, 2011
Packers 21, Cowboys 21
Cowboys Tie Packers on Last Second Heroics
Story by: Brendan N/ Hutchings Sports
Photos by: Madison P/ Hutchings Sports

Howell, MI - On Friday the Packers met the Cowboys for a game of 4th Grade Football! It was a close match because the temas are pretty close skill-wise. The teams are...
Packers Cowboys
Bryce Preston
Cam Carter B
Xander Connor
Noah Tommy
Nick FB

Bryce got 2 receptions and a touchdown. Cam and Xander got no receptions or touchdowns, but helped defensively. Noah got 2 catches and
a touchdown. Nick FB got 3 catches a touchdown.

Cowboys peeps were lucky they had Carter B on their team because he was the player of the game! He got 4 receptions and 3 touchdowns!

The last play of the game was an awesome play because Carter B got the Game tying touchdown.


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